Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

For their pre-spring 2024 ad campaign Bottega Veneta really got something cool going on! Together with A$AP Rocky the brand transformed candid paparazzi shots into a unique fashion campaign. And Kendall Jenner included.

The American rapper has joined Bottega Veneta to front its campaign, bridging the gap between photographers and celebrities with paparazzi-induced imagery. The campaign embraces a tabloid-style design, capturing the artist in pure virality.

You can see A$AP Rocky going out for a run with paparazzi at his doorstep, wearing Bottega Veneta’s leather-clad tracksuit. As well as stepping out in a grey half suit, half trench coat outfit, carrying a floral arrangement.

Also note that the Bottega Veneta is imprinted on all images and thus forming energetic visuals that stray away from traditional fashion images.

Model Kendall Jenner also appears in the campaign, seeing her dog-friendly paparazzi pictures transformed into high-fashion portraits. She walks Pyro in a floor-length trench coat, subtly cruising in fuzzy green outerwear and relaxed jeans that form the ideal model-off-duty uniform.




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