Drôle de Monsieur FW24

Drôle de Monsieur FW24

Since its founding in 2014, Dany dos Santos and Maxime Schwab’s brand Drôle de Monsieur has charted the intersection of multicultural style – looking to its suburban Dijon, France roots and beyond. But to bring forth its new Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the brand decided to up the ante by heading to the runway for its first show ever.

The latest collection marks several special moments as the brand’s debut show alongside its 10th anniversary year. So what came down the runway was an exhibition of the brand’s multifaceted vision and celebration of life. Showcasing the colorful styles of city life, the collection presented the vibrancy of prep, streetwear and notes of tailoring. With it, you’ll find garments like tracksuits, houndstooth overcoats, quarter-zip sweaters, corduroy coordinating sets, multicolored graphic cardigans and more.

Although the personality-filled wardrobe is a large strength in itself, what really makes the collection pop is its easy, yet attractive styling – revealing stylish strength, sophistication and fun. For example, you might find a navy blue pinstripe suit paired with a matching blue fur coat and ushanka, a cream-colored bomber with a burgundy collar paired with a cardigan and acid wash jeans or even a sky blue zipped jacket with a tie and deep wine slacks.

In essence, the collection reveals that style has no limit and the mixtures of notes are to be celebrated – making for a particularly vibrant debut runway collection.

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