Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio has become synonymous with unique concept yachts, most famously the avant-garde ‘jet capsule‘. However, the studio’s founder, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, has utilized his expertise in designing automobiles for his latest project – Floating Motors. The company turns famous classic cars into custom electric motorboats. A few weeks ago, Floating Motors showcased several different models which are built using iconic vintage cars like the Jaguar E-Type, Fiat 500, Mini, and even a Lamborghini Countach. The Italian brand has added another product to its portfolio that features a bodyshell of a Fiat 500. Named La Foil, the watercraft is not a regular boat but a hydrofoil vessel.

A hydrofoil craft uses fins like hydrodynamic elements attached to the bottom of the vessel that stays submerged under the surface of the water to generate lift. After a certain speed, the wing-like structure becomes the only part of the vessel in contact with the water, which greatly reduces drag and makes it more efficient and quick. According to the information released by Floating Motors, La Foil’s hydrofoil elements result in a 50 percent reduction in drag when compared to the company’s standard boats.
The pictures released by Floating Motors show the La Foil with a Fiat 500 body finished in white, while the hydrofoil elements are decked out in orange, making the vessel look like a duck. Just like the standard Fiat 500 boat, the hydrofoil can carry four people inside the cabin. The electric motor powering the watercraft is rated at 70hp, which should be good enough for some spirited performance. Floating Motors is yet to reveal more information on the La Foil, including the performance figures and production schedule. However, the Italian company is accepting pre-orders with a deposit of $10,000. The sticker price will be close to $60,000, which is not bad for something this unique and fun!
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