Montage the electric car from Alpha Motor Corporation

Montage the electric car from Alpha Motor Corporation

Montage, the electric car from Alpha Motor Corporation , you will love it for its vintage and elegant design.

This limited edition, created in collaboration with Spinneybeck and Shawmut Corporation, will be available through a private sale, due to its special custom construction.

Montage, designed to unite people and support electrification, will be manufactured as a custom-built vehicle in the United States, due to the fact that it will have a custom electric vehicle platform.

And it is that for Alpha Motor its sustainability initiative is essential and to go beyond the electrification of cars to the implementation of production solutions that significantly reduce the COXNUMX footprint of industrialization.

In this way, the Montage will be equipped with an optional custom-made electric drive unit (EDU) that will generate a mighty 3335 Nm of torque and 150 kW of power.

The gearbox will have a two-stage crankshaft with differential, set to run above 92% maximum efficiency.

Most interestingly, the Montage will be equipped with a custom-built lithium-ion battery pack and an estimated range of 250 miles, the vehicle will have a built-in charger with fast charging capability, electronic steering, independent suspension and performance disc brakes.

Equipped with performance wheels and a refined metallic silver paint called ‘Time Machine’, it stands out with its drop-shaped cab with side-mounted fender flares.

When it comes to the interior, you will be mesmerized by its two full-size doors that give access to luxurious seats for two passengers with additional storage space in the rear compartment and under the hood.

The interior of the vehicle will integrate advanced features, including a driver-focused digital speedometer, haptic audio controls and a digital sound system.

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