the BÖNWERK Turntable

the BÖNWERK Turntable

In the golden era of the 1950s and 60s, when vinyl records were the heartbeat of music enthusiasts, the design of turntables and vinyl players was guided more by function and less by aesthetics. Sleekness wasn’t really on the agenda. Design efforts, at most, leaned towards minimalism, with companies like Braun leading the way. Yet, none ventured into exploring the potential of ultra-thin designs. This historical context makes the introduction of the BÖNWERK Turntable a striking development in the domain of music players, signifying a bold step in blending modern design sensibilities with a touch of nostalgia.

The creative minds behind this innovative concept, Mateo Rombolá and Tobias Quirici, have not just designed a turntable. They’ve reimagined the vinyl player’s aesthetic from the ground up. Drawing inspiration from the iconic wedge-shaped design of the MacBook Air, they’ve introduced a turntable that starts with a razor-thin edge, gradually expanding to accommodate the control panel. This approach not only gives the turntable a sleek, almost ethereal presence but also creates an emotional resonance, marrying the tactile joy of vinyl with the elegance of contemporary design.

Rombolá and Quirici embarked on this project with a clear vision: to craft a turntable that stands out not only for its aesthetics but also for its ability to cater to the refined tastes of audiophiles. They focused on enhancing the user experience, integrating intuitive design elements that speak directly to the user’s needs and preferences. Despite its futuristic look, the BÖNWERK Turntable remains true to the essential features that vinyl lovers cherish. It houses a meticulously designed tonearm, complete with a cartridge and needle, balanced by a counterweight. On the functional side, it’s equipped with a control panel that includes everything an audiophile might need: a strobe light for visual feedback, an RPM controller for precise speed adjustments, volume knobs, and controls for fine-tuning the audio output, ensuring that the listening experience is as rich and immersive as the design suggests.

But the true genius of the BÖNWERK Turntable’s design lies in its deceptive simplicity. Much like the MacBook Air’s clever concealment of its camera bump, the turntable’s bulk is ingeniously hidden beneath its sleek exterior. This design choice cleverly tricks the eye, making the turntable appear much thinner than it actually is, adding to its allure. The design is further refined by a minimalistic approach to its visual language. The turntable shuns the clutter of text, opting instead for a clean look characterized by stark black and metallic shades, sharp geometric lines, and knurled metal knobs that beg to be touched.

The BÖNWERK Turntable is more than a music player; it’s a bridge between the past and the present, a nod to the cyclical nature of trends in both fashion and technology. It acknowledges the timeless appeal of vinyl records while embracing the minimalist design ethos of today. This turntable isn’t just a device for playing music; it’s a piece of art that speaks volumes about the evolution of design and how it can transform the way we interact with the objects that bring joy into our lives.



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