the LV Nanogram Speaker

the LV Nanogram Speaker

Louis Vuitton has a habit of redefining the wheel with luxury. Case in point the LV Nanogram Speaker that refines opulence and quality for the seekers on the horizon of portable music and fashion accessory. Designed to take “beauty and sound to destinations unknown” the compact and lightweight LV speaker is a portable successor to the LV Horizon model.

As a premium tech offering, Masion’s creation embodies craftsmanship and quality in an on-the-go fashion accessory that resembles a tiny UFO measuring 13.5 cm across and tipping the scale at 520g. The hefty speaker is made from aluminum but with the embedded leather loop with a removable hook, the LV Nanogram Speaker, becomes a portable and travel-friendly option.

The first thing you would notice on the speaker will either be the perforated grille or the debossed Monogram, depending on what your perception is. For me, the LV Nanogram Speaker with emblematic codes all over, is a premium speaker and so I see the grille before the logo, but you could have a different opinion.

The impressive design of the LV Nanogram is inspired by the LV’s circular Toupie bag. And in a similar theme, the leather loop and hook can allow the speaker to hang from the backpack, handbag, or just from the belt, if you don’t mind an additional pound on it. If you don’t mind the weight, then the LV speaker can give you a 2.3-inch loudspeaker with a frequency range of 170 Hz to 20 kHz anywhere, anytime.

While the speaker looks all decked up and sublime for indoor usage, it assures it won’t leave you wanting in the outdoors either, for this it boasts a long 17 hours of battery life. The speaker comes with a USB-C charger in the box which can juice up the battery in under two hours. The charging port is the on back of the speaker, hidden away from the plush façade.

Portability demands ruggedness we all know. LV is not known essentially for delivering heirloom speakers in the outdoor division; but adding substance to the design, LV Nanogram Speaker is provided with IP67 rated for protection against dust and water. Priced at $2,230 LV Nanogram comes in three colors: copper, silver, and a “Damoflage” edition. Irrespective of the color, each speaker is available with monogramming all over. The speaker can (courtesy of its built-in LEDs) create a light show that synchronizes with the music you are playing. And when you’re done, you can safely pack the speaker in its travel pouch and get going.

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