UILA the 3D printed electric car

UILA the 3D printed electric car

UILA is the 3D printed electric car most likely to win the 2022 3D Printing Industry Awards .

Created by Berlin-based design studio nFrontier, it is notable for proposing this innovative new electric vehicle (EV) concept.

Combining a cargo bike and a small electric vehicle, UILA features four wheels and two seats designed to carry passengers and payloads up to 250 kilos.

“UILA is not only radically changing the way we travel, but also providing a truly sustainable and revolutionary mobility solution. At the same time, it offers a suite of features and digital assets that far exceeds current bicycle industry standards,” said Daniel Buening, CEO of nFrontier.

To achieve this grand design, UILA creators specialize in the creative application of emerging technologies, with the goal of becoming one of the leaders in their field.

Thus, nFrontier facilities are equipped with software and hardware supplied by companies such as Stratasys, Franka Emika, Autodesk, Varjo and KeyShot.

UILA seeks to develop an electric car that meets the needs of the modern traveler and addresses the growing need for greener solutions in the automotive sector.

The project expects that by 2040, there will be more than 750 million electric two- and three-wheeled vehicles on the roads, promoting an ecological alternative.

UILA features a pedal-operated transmission, does not require a driver’s license to drive on the road, and can also be used on bike lanes.

This EV also includes an “infotainment system,” with a smartphone-powered “Follow Me” functionality, that allows users to call their parked car to drive autonomously toward them.

“UILA is designed to be a digital device that features many useful digital features that will make driving from A to B more enjoyable,” added Dr. Stephan Beyer, CVO of nFrontier.

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